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Silverstone Essential Oil 100% Pure Eucalyptus 12ml

Silverstone Essential Oil 100% Pure Eucalyptus 12ml

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Silverstone 100% Supreme Quality Essential Oil - EUCALYPTUS

Botanical Name: Eucalyptus Globulus

Eucalyptus is a powerful antiseptic and stimulant, is recognized internationally to be beneficial in relieving cold and flu symptoms. In fact, one of the most enduring medical uses for eucalyptus is its power to ease nasal congestion and calm coughs. Because of these powerful properties, eucalyptus is found in many popular cough and cold remedies, as well as in many chest rubs and pain-relieving oils, liniments and balms. 

The stately eucalyptus tree has found various other uses over the centuries. Australian Aborigines relied on this native evergreen for soothing painful joints and healing skin problems. Once Europeans were introduced to Eucalyptus, they too quickly recognized its medicinal benefits. Due to its antiseptic qualities, they relied on eucalyptus oil for sterilizing medical and surgical equipment.

Blends Well With: Pine, spearmint, cedarwood

Use: 3 drops in an oil diffuser or oil burner. 4 drops with 10mL of carrier oil for massage

Aroma: Slightly campherous, sweet, fruity


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